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“Julie has been my Hypnotist for a Clinical session, Spirit Guide Session and a Past Life Regression. Each session was truly healing and inspiring. Her tone of voice was soothing, her compassion and empathy really came through and I felt very safe from beginning to end. Her intuition and energy healing abilities were so powerful, it felt like I got 10 years of therapeutic healing in those 3 sessions with Julie. I HIGHLY recommend her as a Hypnotist and Energy Healer. Not only is she super gifted, she is so relatable and approachable. Thank you Julie for being the amazing Light Being you are!!!"

Stephanie Lecuyer

"Julie’s session through Hypnotheraphy brought light to a long standing issue that brought clarity and a deeper understanding to what what blocking my process. And in doing so allowed me to move forward in a way that I would not have been able to otherwise. Highly recommend!"

Abigail Newman



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