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My Story

Hi, I’m Julie. I am a Past Life Regression Hypnotist,  Reiki II Practitioner, and Soul Seeker. I began my healing and awakening journey (or my Path to Peace as my husband so lovingly refers to it), back in August of 2019.  Back then, I was working 2 jobs, feeling stressed, and very overwhelmed. I was also suffering from a chronic headache that lasted an entire year. I knew I needed to make more positive shifts in my life, but I had no idea how or where to even begin. 

This was a time where my work environment was very toxic, though I loved the people I worked with, it was very much a grind, very little appreciation, and constant negativity. I was miserable in my working life, and it began to affect my personal life as well.  

I started trying to meditate during my lunch breaks to bring some peace into my day and be more mindful of how I spoke to myself, even if it was in a joking manner. I quickly realized how unkind I had been to myself. I continued meditating as often as I could, saying daily affirmations, and trying to start my day with the most positive intentions. I went to work in the evenings at my second job, and since I was alone most of the time, I listened to podcasts on spirituality, healing, and past lives. I also read books about the afterlife and signs from loved ones who have passed, and completely dove into this new world that seemed so foreign, yet familiar at the same time. 

A couple of months later, in October 2019, on a Saturday afternoon, I developed a tension headache that would not go away. Along with this headache, I had horrible tension and knots in my shoulders and back. This headache completely consumed my life for an entire year. It affected the whole left side of my face, head, neck, shoulders, and upper back. After weeks of this headache and constant, excruciating  pain, that I continued to work through, I went to an Energy Healer in my hometown. After doctors visits to be told it was only a migraine, medication that didn’t help, and still suffering every day, I finally began to experience changes in the pain after my energy healing. This was the beginning of my awakening and deep Soul Seeking. 

Over the next couple of years, I continued to explore this world of learning who I am, soul searching, and healing childhood trauma. I took a meditation class,  went to counseling, had different readings, continued to read books, and my interest and fascination with the afterlife continued to grow. I completed Reiki I & II training, which sent me even deeper into my own healing. I learned more about myself and more about Past Life Regression, and the incredible ways it can help you connect to your soul, your higher self, your guides, and the incredible wisdom and healing gained from these sessions. It is an incredible experience and I am so grateful to be able to offer it to you. 

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