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​At Soul Seeker Hypnosis, we use a combination of Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Reiki healing energy to explore soul memories and to release and heal anything that is not serving you in this current lifetime.  Reiki is used to aid in healing and fill you up with positive healing energy. 
Past Life Regression is not only a tool for deep soul healing, but an incredible modality to help us explore our soul selves and discover more about who we truly are.

What is a Soul Seeker?

Your soul is your beautiful essence, the ancient all knowing that is inside of you. It holds wisdom, pure unconditional love,  and all of your memories from life after life. It is your light; that spark in the center of your being. It is the truest form of who you are. 


To seek, means to search, to be open and curious,  and to find the truth. 


A Soul Seeker is on a journey to awaken, to explore the amazing possibilities, and to find and connect to their truest self. 


At Soul Seeker Hypnosis, we use Past Life Regression hypnosis to take a journey into the beyond to explore our soul’s memories, experiences, and to gain insights that will help us in this current lifetime. It allows us the opportunity to heal on a much deeper level and release any karma, old belief systems or stuck energy that we may be holding on to, allowing us a greater awareness and connection to our soul self. 


These hypnosis sessions are infused with loving Reiki energy to amplify healing and shower you with love and light.   


We are so grateful that you are here and look forward to embarking on this journey with you.