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Soulful Mystics Podcast

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Meet Steph!

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Steph is an Intuitive Hypnotist from Quebec, Canada.

She is an amazing, kind, compassionate and wildly gifted soul. Working with her through past life regression has helped me to step into and embrace my gifts .

Check her out below.

Steph has also been a guest on the Past Lives & the Divine podcast on several occasions.

Check out these episodes below:

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Our Why


Stephanie from Soulful Stephanie Hypnosis and I created this Podcast to inspire and empower listeners through their own spiritual journey by sharing our experiences through deep, honest conversation.

We discuss various metaphysical topics & share our client's past life regression sessions (with their permission of course). We will also share self-hypnotic tracks & mini guided meditations.

We are so excited to hang with you!

About Us

Stephanie,  creator of Soulful  Stephanie Hypnosis and I met through the Hypnotic Arts Coalition training. Right from the start,  we  had an instant connection. It felt as if we had known each other our entire lives, and even many lifetimes. 

 Through our connection, friendship, and collaboration, we have helped each other to grow, evolve, and believe in ourselves and our experiences. We hope to do the same for any listeners in need of that beautiful Energy.


We are so excited to share the Soulful Mystics Podcast with you all! ​

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Other Podcast Collaborations

Check out the Past Lives & the Divine Podcast by Jina Seer!

Jina is one of my amazing Hypnotic Arts teachers.  It was her podcast that got me interested in Past Life Regression and all the cool and amazing things you can do with hypnosis.

Recently, I was a guest on Past Lives & the Divine. Check out the episode below for a short interview and hypnotic track I created to share with her listeners.

Episode Summary


Wake up grateful tomorrow! Listen to this hypnotic track as you drift off to sleep for the night. You'll surround yourself in a warm cocoon of glowing light for the most recharging and rejuvenating slumber. That's how the episode ends! The episode begins with a short conversation and introduction to Julie Cruz a hypnotist and recent graduate from The Hypnotic Arts Training and the creator of the hypnotic track in this episode. Made just for the listeners of PLD. Share with a friend & enjoy!

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